Breakthrough science. Essential for patient care.

We design, we develop, we manufacture and we register

IVD solutions dedicated to proteins detection and quantification

Our mission is

to support healthcare professionals

by providing innovative and effective

solutions to improve patient care

Our vision is

To make personalized medicine a reality  by

providing the right treatment, at the right dose

and at the right time for all patients.

The next generation of solutions for quantifying monoclonal antibodies.

mAbXmise are ready-to-use kits dedicated to plasma sample preparation prior to LC-MS/MS analysis.

We develop specific solutions for detecting CBRN threats in clinical samples.

Our solutions are dedicated to biological and chemical toxins.

About us

Promise Proteomics is a pioneer and an expert in the development of mass spectrometry-based quantification methods and in bioproduction of Stable Isotope Labelled (SIL) proteins. Capitalizing on its unique know-how, the MedTech company is placing its skills at the service of healthcare professionals through its mAbXmise kits.

Aguettant is a family-owned pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, industrial production and distribution of innovative injectable pharmaceutical specialties that meet the demands and the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.